ActionAid began work in Mozambique in 1987, initially providing emergency relief to people fleeing the civil war which lasted for 16 years and left millions dead or displaced. Today ActionAid’s key areas of work include education, women’s rights and ending hunger.

Author Chris Marrow helped ActionAid to get food aid to the needy and was instrumental in making distribution happen using surplus military ships that he customised for the task.

Roland Hodson ex Chief Executive of ActionAid International said this about Chris’s work:

“During the late 80s and early 90s, Chris Marrow was the inspiration and driving force behind a massive humanitarian effort to supply food to hundreds of thousands of people sheltering on off-shore islands in Mozambique. These people were fleeing for their lives from their homes and villages driven out by a horrible civil war.

Chris used his vision and maritime and management skill to re position two surplus military landing craft to move food from warehouses out to the islands where it was needed. Chris was responsible for the total operation and in the process trained and mentored local staff in vital maritime skills. Chris went on to lead the building of additional landing craft within Mozambique, leaving behind skills and experience in small craft construction.

Chris is a visionary and tireless in making his visions come to life. I have never worked with a finer individual.”


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